"Can you taste my skittles it’s the sweetest in the middle (yeaaaa yeaaa yeaaa yeaaa) pink is the flava (pops) solve the riddle…"

To whoever is in Houston TX using my pixs and to a certain Tumblr person named “DIRTYDXXS”

On saturday I was feeling sexy and decided to post a picture of my ass in a jockstrap on my tumblr  Considering I get asked about it. Prior to posting that I was informed that someone in Houston Texas was using my instagram pictures on jackd…it was cute but I decided to pay it dust and continue on ok fast forward. On Sunday I was at my place of employment and noticed I kept getting random ask.fm questions and notes regrading a Mr Deedsdxxx or whatever 

 Now me and MR deedsdxx or whatever have crossed paths before on a issue and let things go. So me being the mature individual I am I was going to ask him about and also see what he could tell me about whoever it is using my pictures in Houston since he is a Texas lady. I however saw a full “read” not only from him on my picture but also in my ask.fm inbox and I must say it was a compelling read  BUT it was not fully accurate!!! Like I said before me and MISS deeds have had an issue before that was squashed so it became a blindsided shock to me that I was accused of something I didnt do nor that I really give a damn about! So to you Miss DDXXX or whatever I say I really dont give a rats ass about you or your friend or whoever is in Houston Texas! I dont know you, you dont know me your shape is sickening but thats really it. Instead of coming to me and asking me about something you chose  to be messy on social media and I maam have no time or fucks to give you or your friend who could be me in Houston  Considering you are indeed older than me I thought your mindset matched your age and wisdom but I was wrong….I guess old dogs have to be brought behind the barn and put out their misery sometimes. Instead of being the typical fag hag that puts down another homosexual a thick one at that how about uplifting someone that thought highly of you

….as for what I post this is MY blog! I took The Narcisstichomo and made it into a worldwide viewing experience!! *BITCH I GOT PEOPLE FROM GERMANY ON MY PAGE!!! HAY!*  I will continue to post MYSELF and explicit pictures of myself as I do see fit!! So expect to see more of my booty cheeks on your TL’s coming soon!!! PEACE LOVE AND BEYONCE!! GOD BLESS 

Like my jock?


Cock in a sock………Good Morning!!

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Autum Ashante was accepted into the University of Connecticut at age 13.

Stephen R. Stafford II entered Morehouse College at the age 11 with three majors. 

Tony Hansberry II at age 14 developed a time reducing method for hysterectomies at Shands Hospital 

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Fuck yeah!!!

black excellence 

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In lieu of today’s WW photo reveal at SDCC let us remember who can kick her scrawny behind in seconds

never forget. 

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Somebody Said My Ass Was Flat! HA


Miles Morales by David Marquez

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Batman Beyond - Created by Yvan Quinet

You can find more from this artist on Society6 and Tumblr.

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omfg this was the moment i have been waiting for.


Fuxking Luane

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